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This Is Northern New South Wales


Dominic Sullivan

I’ve known ‘Dom’ since he was a tiny little grommet surfing in Byron Bay Boardriders. As the years go by, suddenly this younger generation turn into men, start travelling the world and come home armed with stories. They also find their passions, have facial hair… Read More »Dominic Sullivan

Sybil Steele

Sybil and Taylor Steele are quite the creative couple. Having lived in Byron Bay since January, moving here on the ‘6 year plan’ from California with their gorgeous daughters Jaiden (7) and Milla (5)… Common Ground’s Johnny Abegg thought a few questions were in order… Read More »Sybil Steele

Mr Harry Triglone

Common Ground has recently got to know Mr Harry Triglone, whom moved to the Byron Shires about a year ago, has a passion for filmmaking, and is studying film at SAE. Another passion is doing anything that keeps Harry from being bored, we can understand… Read More »Mr Harry Triglone