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This Is Northern New South Wales

full moon

Still. Humid. Quiet. Surreal.

During the recent full moon, I was admiring probably the brightest dinner plate in the sky I’ve ever seen, having just moved to Byron Bay recently. When there were no clouds covering the moon it was almost like afternoon light. As the night went on… Read More »Still. Humid. Quiet. Surreal.

Sky Saucepan

5:27pm. That was the time the full moon was coming up. A quick trip to my local, Broken Head. A Tripod. My new Nikon D800. A  70-200mm lens. A beanie. Boots. Track-pants. You get the drift. Hello said a seagull. My first snap of my… Read More »Sky Saucepan

Chasing The Moon

The moon is an elusive character. Ever changing. Bright. Thinks it’s better than us… etc. It proved Alex Frings and I had a few more tricks to learn this evening as we tried to line up ‘oh majesty’ with the lighthouse, thinking we had it… Read More »Chasing The Moon

Easter Moon

Easter in Byron Bay is popular. It’s best friend Chistmas are those two times of year that draw in the people tour little bubble. It’s holiday time. For locals, it’s a time to find those little corners of the bay to get away from it… Read More »Easter Moon

Yellow Moon

Last night, Alex Frings was in the moment, awaiting the clouds to shift and capture these post-full moon photos. No wonder it was so tough to get to sleep last night. To see more of Alex’s creativity –

Chasing the White

Every full moon I turn into werewolf, one Michael J Fox from Teen Wolf. Perhaps we all do. The moon does strange things to even the straightest of strangers. So, I was on a chase to capture a couple of moments, of the alluring figure… Read More »Chasing the White

Gibbous The Night

The weekend in Byron Bay saw the waxing and waning of the Gibbous Full Moon, with the moon being it’s fullest at 4:58am on Sunday. I sure wasn’t getting up at 4am to see it. But… something incredible does happen on the foreshore at Main… Read More »Gibbous The Night

It’s a full moon tonight!

Photo and Words by Johnny Abegg I noticed the white plate on the horizon and v-lined towards an alignment point yesterday afternoon. The moon looked full, but it’s tonight… what a bummer we have thick grey cloud above us today. So if you don’t get… Read More »It’s a full moon tonight!

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse : Photo – Keith Christie The alarm goes off at 4am. No sane person gets up this early. Unless you work the shift. The moon is full and bright, it’s a lunar eclipse this morning, tonight. Keith Christie, Alex Frings and Jonatan Lundmark… Read More »Lunar Eclipse