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This Is Northern New South Wales

heath missen

Sunday Afternoon – The Pass

One of the best places anywhere to spend sundown. The Pass. Photos by Heath Missen –

Presidents, Gumboots and Cows

There’s nothing quite like walking through a new town. You see those things that the townsfolk sometimes forget are interesting and unique. Heath Missen took one of those wanderings through Mullumbimby and this is what he captured. For more photos from Heath, checkout his facebook… Read More »Presidents, Gumboots and Cows

On Christmas Eve….Huey delivered

Huey – The god of surfing delivered and early Christmas present this morning. These shots captured by Heath Missen for more pictures check out Have a great day tomorrow – I hope the surf is even better!! – Merry Christmas! Kirra xx

Sillouettes and Aeroplanes

A few Byron Bay weekend pics thanks to the unique eye (that we love) of Heath Missen –

Tuesday Morning

What’s with the guy in the next shot? Was he tele-ported here from another dimension? Have your say HERE. This mornings pics brought to you by Heath Missen –

The Day Before, The Day Before ….

Heath Missen captured some sultry, salty and sleepy moments on Monday morning. Celebrating the beautiful hues of blue that were all about the beginning of the week. We love looking through your lens Heath !

Dawn Conversations

Not sure if it’s sane to be up at 5am. But it feels good. That’s what Tim Manton, Heath Missen and I were chatting about when we bumped into each other at the lighthouse this morning. Even when you are wrapped up in the bed… Read More »Dawn Conversations

Missen Morning

What more can you say about Byron Bay this morning than what these images from Heath Missen speak in volumes? Enough said that’s right. For more from Heath, visit his photographic website –    

A penchant for the photo…

My name is Heath Missen, I have a problem. I have an unhealthy penchant for film and the photographic prints. Before proceeding I would like to emphasize that I am not an anti-digital crusader. Working within the print media for over a decade I happily… Read More »A penchant for the photo…

Life works in Threes…

Three wonderful moments from this morning thanks to Heath Missen. What a day it is out there!!! To see more of Heath’s creative prowess, CLICK HERE.