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This Is Northern New South Wales

main beach byron bay

Boy & Bear at The Beach Hotel

Boy & Bear played at The Beach Hotel on Thursday night to a full house – Carly Brown was there and here are some of the great shots she captured for us. Thanks Carly x    

Beauty but a beast

“Douse it in Vinegar”, “rub sand in it”, “pee on it” “Use Stingose” over many years growing up on the beaches of Byron Bay I have seen to many screaming kids (my own son one of them)and adults that have been stung by “The Bluebottle”… Read More »Beauty but a beast

Gibbous The Night

The weekend in Byron Bay saw the waxing and waning of the Gibbous Full Moon, with the moon being it’s fullest at 4:58am on Sunday. I sure wasn’t getting up at 4am to see it. But… something incredible does happen on the foreshore at Main… Read More »Gibbous The Night

Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Daylight Deception 1 : Byron Bay: Photo Alex Frings Alex Frings was up to his old tricks again the other night. Hanging out up at the lighthouse on the full moon. He’s captured these amazing photos as the full moon came over the cape. Using a… Read More »Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Full Moon Rising

Full Rise : Broken Head : Photo Jia Long –  Buy Photo When you live by the ocean and you spend a lot time in it, whether it be surfing, swimming, fishing, diving… you find yourself really taking notice of the way the weather changes.… Read More »Full Moon Rising

This afternoon…

Main beach was full of people this afternoon, watching the sunset over Mt. Warning, playing drums, dancing, and skating around the top car park. Even with the chilli air, it hasn’t stop Byron Bay from buzzing with life – Jai Long

Ocean Swim Classic

Photo : Trent Dooley : puredrift The Byron Bay Winter Whales Ocean Swim Classic was first held in 1988 and has been run annually since… Starting out with a very small number of ocean swimmers, “swimming for charity”, the Winter Whales Ocean Swim has now… Read More »Ocean Swim Classic