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This Is Northern New South Wales

peter bowes

Why Chicks Don’t Dig You

Eleven pungent points of natural selection, by Peter Bowes. Pics by Kirra Pendergast.   Women don’t look at men with the same hot-blooded concentration as we do them, this is anthropological. A man’s glance is like a searchlight, it always goes the same route when it’s… Read More »Why Chicks Don’t Dig You

Lennox be my Lover

We should go to Lennox today, after we pick up the brush-cutter.’ This is the good wife speaking at about 5am this morning. Things begin quietly out here – plans are easily made – the brush-cutter (whipper-snipper) is needed because of the rampant invasion of… Read More »Lennox be my Lover

The Hide Room – Peter Bowes

THE HIDE ROOM Words by Peter Bowes Down and away from the killing pen and through the industrial alleyways, and past dark empty sheds, and back into the sunshine, then along walkways alongside overgrown yards, scattered with tossed white bones and bolt-hammered skulls, and through… Read More »The Hide Room – Peter Bowes