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This Is Northern New South Wales


Light meets Water

As we enter Winter, the sun moves through the sky on a lower radius. The top and tail of the day the light stays golden for longer, offering up some special moments like these, captured by 16 year old Tazman Murray.

Saturday Sets

As Saturday morning arrives, most of us leap out of bed to see what the beautiful Byron day has to offer… Usually it’s a fun wave somewhere, a tasty coffee around the corner and hopefully sunny skies ahead. Come the afternoon, I’m partial to a… Read More »Saturday Sets

Pink Sky At Night

My Pop Pendergast always used to say “pink sky at night – sailors delight, pink sky in the morning sailors warning” tonight was glowing pink so I thought I would post something I found quickly on the internet that tells the story behind the quote.… Read More »Pink Sky At Night

Coloured Shoreline

Often ones thoughts get lost in whitewash. Walking along the edge of the sea. The crashes of water. Lovemaking with the shallow depths. You eyes see the intricate details of white and blue, to the humbling power of the sea as you lift your head.… Read More »Coloured Shoreline

Message in a bottle #2

In June 1992 as a fresh faced 22 year old girl with the world at her feet contemplating my next life move, I was strolling along a Suffolk Park Beach and saw something rolling around on the edge of the surf. The light of the… Read More »Message in a bottle #2

Sunday Afternoon – The Pass

One of the best places anywhere to spend sundown. The Pass. Photos by Heath Missen –

Sunset Fishing

Some wonderful, very peaceful moments fishing at Brunswick Heads. Photos by Alani Belcher.