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This Is Northern New South Wales

take 3


The world is broken. We are polluting, consuming, dredging, deforesting, poisoning and suffocating our poor little planet faster than it can cope with, giving it no chance to regenerate or recuperate. But, dispite this doom-laden introduction, there is hope. Environmental groups are rallying for almost… Read More »TIM SILVERWOOD: TRASH TALK

Through Blinkered Eyes

So apparently I’m insane. Well, insane is maybe a little too strong a term, but definitely drastically eccentric. Funny – I thought I was a pretty grounded individual running my own journalism-slash-media business, not bumming off taxpayers, thinking globally, acting locally and generally being a… Read More »Through Blinkered Eyes

Sailing with Tim Silverwood

Back in June we featured Tim Silverwood and his Take 3 environmental initiative. Since then Tim has sailed the seven seas searching for a mythical aquatic beast, commonly known as- “Plastic Island”. Below is more important information on Tim’s interesting adventures and how we can all,… Read More »Sailing with Tim Silverwood

‘Bag it’ Tomorrow Night!

Is your life too plastic? Tim Silverwood asks you the question tomorrow night Environmentalist and co-founder of ‘Take 3’, Tim Silverwood will host a screening of the award-winning environmental documentary “Bag It” tomorrow night (Thurs 16 June) at the Byron Bay Community Centre from 7pm.… Read More »‘Bag it’ Tomorrow Night!

Tim Silverwood – Take 3!

Tim Silverwood : Photo – Lisa Lowenborg Tim Silverwood is one passionate man. He is an Environmentalist, Surfer, Filmmaker, and co-founder of ‘Take 3’ a non-profit organisation formed in 2009 that asks visitors to beaches and waterways to simply take three pieces of plastic rubbish… Read More »Tim Silverwood – Take 3!