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This Is Northern New South Wales


Monday Mornings….

It’s a simple story. Monday mornings after the weekend madness. The vibe was good, Get Joggy was in the sand dunes once again camera in hand. Waiting for an early rising surfer to come and take advantage a clean little peak at Tallows. Nick Chalmers… Read More »Monday Mornings….

The Early

It doesn’t matter how small the surf is, there is something magical about being in the water to watch the sunrise. The small crew that made the effort before 6am this morning may not have been rewarded with waves, but they certainly got a spectacular… Read More »The Early

It’s Summer

Follow The Leader: Byron Bay It’s Summer Someone hit the “Summer Button” yesterday in Byron Bay. The water is warm, its a perfect 30c today and the locals are out mixed with holiday goers finding the best spots to get some waves and just generally… Read More »It’s Summer