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This Is Northern New South Wales

Free Outdoor Film Screening (Thurs)

It has been a long term dream for the Byron Bay International Film Festival crew to be able to offer a free outdoor cinema screening experience for the people of Byron Bay on Thursday 8th March (7:30pm). Finding the right location?….well, it doesn’t get bigger or better than a beachfront screening…and that’s exactly what BBFF 2012 will be giving us this year, at their inaugural outdoor film event.

Festival Director, J’aimee Skippon-Volke said  “We are stoked to be launching our inaugural free outdoor event on the Byron Bay beachfront, and are delighted that Byron Shire Council are endorsing this as a valuable community event.”

Appropriately, the main feature film which has been chosen for this special outdoor beachfront screening had its beginnings at Main Beach, Byron Bay. Featuring some incredible historical footage, this fresh cut screening of Minds in the Water tracks the transformation of Byron Bay from whaling town to whale watching town and the start of an inspirational journey for local resident Dave Rastovich as he embarks on a global conservation quest. Beginning and ending with footage from a 36-day, 700km voyage of campaigning, the film seeks to draw greater awareness to the continuing slaughter of whales and dolphins around the world. Following the whale migration south along the Australia’s eastern coastline, Rastovich begins what will become a life-changing journey of discovery.

Rastovich’s connections as a professional surfer, and his passion/evolution as an ocean environmentalist, see him bring together artists, musicians, activists, actors, indigenous custodians and other passionate supporters of the cause. They travel to an International Whaling Conference in Alaska and learn about the bureaucratic process of protecting whales as well as attending an International Whaling Commission meeting in Santiago Chile. Rastovich joins the crew of the Sea Shepherd to learn about efforts of direct action to prevent whaling, and later travels to Taiji, Japan, infamous for its mass dolphin killings. Tracking through various political and direct action protests, Rastovich’s journey demonstrates the many and various ways activists are responding to the need to protect whales and dolphins. It’s not just a surfing movie, it’s not just a conservation movie….its a powerful and controversial documentary.

A fresh cut of the doco Minds in the Water will be screened, along with a selection of Shorts, on Thursday March 8th. Expect to be in good company with several big name surfers in attendance, fresh from the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast. If it rains, the event will move to the Beach Hotel.

Further programming and ticketing information will be available in the lead up to the festival at