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This Is Northern New South Wales


Rubber Jellyfish

There are seven sea turtle species on Planet Earth. Six are endangered.  Rubber Jellyfish is a documentary about the surprising effects of helium balloons on sea turtles, sea birds and many other species including our own. In this deeply personal story, a mum to be  meets key players… Read More »Rubber Jellyfish

Renew Fest 2017

If you haven’t already heard! Tickets are now on sale for Renew Fest 2017! Seeded by COREM this year’s festival feast is not to be missed. Along with the powerful direct actions the festival is bringing with its 100% waste free agenda, renewable energy powered… Read More »Renew Fest 2017

Byron Bay’s Newest Festival “Star Stuff 2017” with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Announced 

Celestron, Bintel & DNA Digital announced today that they are bringing a “supergroup” of Australia’s leading scientists and experts in science, space, astrophysics and astrophotography to Byron Bay in June 2017. Speakers include well known TV and Radio personalities Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Dr Alan… Read More »Byron Bay’s Newest Festival “Star Stuff 2017” with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Announced