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This Is Northern New South Wales

Carpark Conversations

Photo : Beck Rocchi

How has surf filmmaking changed since it emerged as its own film genre? And, where is it heading to from here? From the early days of scratchy celluloid footage of waves, wax and babes, surf films have come a long way. Gone are the days when surf film making was just about ‘living the dream.’ The dream has become a reality and it’s brought a whole of awareness along with it.

This Friday, March 11th at the Byron Bay Film Festival at 4:00pm at the Byron Bay Community Centre will see an illustrious panel of surfers in a wide ranging discussion on the evolution of surf films:

‘Jack McCoy who has been the doyen of quality surf film makers for 30 years and has just completed his master work…A Deeper Shade Of Blue”.

Derek Hynd who has been “Immersed in multiple facets of the surfing world for 35 years, assisting Jack McCoy in Blue Horizon and A Deeper Shade of
Blue “.

Dave “Rasta” Rastovich the pre-eminent professional “free surfer” and environmental activist based out of Byron Bay. Over the last decade he’s been featured in a multitude of surf films including Blue Horizon and The Present, but has also shot, directed and produced Life Like Liquid (2007). Rastovich is currently an executive producer on the soon-to-be-released dolphin documentary Minds In The Water.

Steve Barilotti, Editor at large for Surfer Magazine, co-producer on the film Minds in the Water.

Rusty Miller, who was in the cult film, Morning of the Earth, discovering and surfing Uluwatu for the first time.

Clare Plueckhahn has been operating as a commercial photographer out of Melbourne for the past 4 years. First Love, a female surfing documentary is
Clare’s first feature film and is being shown at the Byron Bay Film Festival.

Claire Gorman, Director,cinematographer,editor of First Love. This 24 year old has produced, filmed, edited and directed a string of successful documentaries. Her credits include Just a Drop, Something Blue and Penguin Island, And most recently ‘Eddie’ – a short film about the 2009 Eddie Aikau at Waimea Bay which was selected for the 2010 North Shore surf Film Festival and the 2011 Yallingup Surf Film Festival.

The panel is chaired by Peter Thompson, film maker and critic for Showtime. There will also be shown a new 6 minute George Greenough short film shown.

For an interview with Jack McCoy, Rusty Miller, Steve Barilotti or Derek Hynd please contact Tricia Shantz on 66 847390 or 0421422645.