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This Is Northern New South Wales

Chilled Offerings

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Chilled Offering : Byron Bay :  Buy Print

Cold front. The 30+ degree heat now a chilly offering. The onset of Autumn.

The wild cauldron fanned majestically around Cape Byron this morning to the hoards of surfing enthusiasts. The Pass a focal point for a town’s diversity, every wave ridden in it’s own way by it’s people that live in the bubble that is Byron Bay.

You can feel the south wind bite through your skin, as one strokes into a sand-sucking reeler. Your dreamy eyes wide open as you roar into the wind and down the line. The rain is replaced by a rainbow.

Have a wonderful day.

PS – These few moments where captured between 6:30 and 7:30 this morning, whilst testing our a Nikon D7000. Had so much fun I didn’t even go surfing. For more photo’s from this morning, click here.

Twin Peaks : Byron Bay :  Buy Print

Styling : Byron Bay :  Buy Print

Rainbow Awakening : Byron Bay :  Buy Print

Footprints : Byron Bay :  Buy Print

Alone : Byron Bay :  Buy Print

For more photo’s from this morning, click here.