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This Is Northern New South Wales



Are you voice recording me? great, I like voice recordings.
Home to me, is a comfort zone and something really cool about the chantti house is its very comfortable for me.
In life we often practice being uncomfortable, and there is a great value in that. But home is the place that allows you to go out and be uncomfortable, because home is your safe place.
It’s a place I can explore all the different avenues of my life, musically other types of creativleyness, laughing, and good intentions. I like good intentions that’s all you can have, is good intentions.-Nate
-Chantti HouseHomegrownPortaits_Eileen3


Calling the Kale House home. . .
Take everything you know about community and human connection… And then light it on fire, bury it in a garden of kale, and feed it only the finest organic locally grown California nutrients, and watch gold grow from ashes… The Kale House brought out the most absurdly honest version of myself. Sometimes I felt like I was glowing and sometimes I felt like I was invisible.
Home is something larger than the wood and cement and dry wall and marble that make a house.. Something deeper than any of that. Love is what guided me through those winding wooded roads and up the path on Warren Drive. Love is our home. 

– Elli Espi
– Kale house


I got inspired at Burning Man 2008 to have a campervan, I had the vision and was like, ‘oh my god!
I wanna have a fridge and a solar panel, you know how it goes, then it was just like- cabinetry projects, getting the compost bin, getting hammocks,hooks and a sound system, sub woofers, cb radio and the green compass.
I had a dream of having raw food truck, having fat subwoofers and unicycles, because I am a uni cyclist.
so, unicycles people can play around with them, learn how to ride maybe even a mobile stage. Then you would have the raw food, the sound and the play. I am not particularly excited to jump through all the hoops to make it a business though, so Millie my van is like the miniature version! I just end up going to friends houses and making them salads and smoothies, people get gifts of the cuisine, instead of making money. but it’s just as good.

-Millie the Van