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Black Belt, Fundraiser & Singer-Songwriter MEET Elyse McLennan

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Elyse 2 PianoWho is Elyse McLennan? 

I am a 20-year-old singer songwriter originally from Sydney, Australia. My hobbies include playing guitar and piano, singing and writing music. I am a massive animal lover and enjoy playing with my cat, Dr Flannigan, and my dog Max. I love adventure and would like to travel, but I am also a very homely girl who enjoys the company of my family and friends.

Also, I have been practising the martial art, Go-Kan-Ryu Karate, for around 15 years and have attained my black belt. I have also completed a teaching course that has allowed me to become a fully qualified Sensei (teacher).

After high-school, I decided to study ‘Sports and Exercise Science,’ at the University of Technology Sydney for a year, until I was given an offer to transfer to the University of Canberra to study a ‘Bachelor of Physiotherapy.’ For work, I am currently running my own business known as ‘Elyse McLennan Music,’ where I entertain and perform both covers and original pieces at a wide variety of events; clubs, aged care facilities, charity events and restaurants.

What music influences your sound most and how do they do this? 

I have discovered that contemporary artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift influence my sound the most. I listen to a lot of their music and I love the way they tell a story and convey messages. They have a realness and rawness to their voice. Their deep emotional songs are intimate, and their upbeat songs, quirky and fun.

My most recent music has taken on a more darker edge, being influenced by artists such as David Bowie and Bebe Rexha.

 Describe your sound? How does where you live inspire you to write and produce music?

When I first started song writing as a teenager, I began to write country-folk songs, with very simple country melodies. Maturing and going through life’s adversities, my song writing has developed. My pop melodies are now more complex and my messages are more worldly.

When I write my songs, I feel most inspired when I am in my own space in front of my piano or guitar. Sometimes a melody will appear in my mind and I would base my story or personal situation around it, transforming it into a song. Mostly, pivotal moments in my life such as love, travel, friends, loss and heartbreak influence my music and lyrics most.

 What is the best thing about what you do? What do you enjoy most? 

I use song-writing like a diary. It is very cathartic and has helped me through the toughest of times. It has also been a way to remember the good times that I’ve experienced in my life. As well as this, I just love to make people feel ‘something’ when they listen to my music.  Whether it’s dancing and having fun, or helping people who are going through difficult times, I hope that my music can connect on an emotional level and that people can find strength and love within themselves to carry on with life.

Who supports you in your musical journey, and how do they do this? 

Ever since I was a young girl, my prime supporter of my musical journey has been my mother. She has been there every step of the way, helping me carry my musical equipment from place to place before and after gigs, helping me run my business and keeping my finances in order. I am so grateful to have such a supportive mother like her in my life to encourage me to chase my dreams.

My family, partner and close friends have also played a very important role. Some of my close friends have acted in my music videos and have also willingly supported me at some of my open gigs.

 Who would you like to perform live with (or record with) and where would this take place?  

I would love to perform with Taylor Swift on stage in a stadium. I love the atmosphere of her concerts and it would be truly amazing to experience being on stage beside her as she is one of my music idols.

Where have your live acts taken place? 

I have played live at many events, aged care facilities, clubs, charity events and restaurants. Most recently, I have been performing live at a local restaurant called La Zona every Sunday and I also have an upcoming performance at an annual charity event to raise money for the Barbara May Foundation.

Why should people listen to your music? What makes what you do stand out?  

People should listen to my music as the important messages that stand out in my lyrics can potentially help people in many ways. The underlying message of ‘love’ is in the majority of my songs, which is symbolised by a rose in all of my videos.

 Where do you hope your music will take you to in the coming years? Who would your choice of promoter be? 

I love to dream big so I would love to perform my own songs in front of millions of people and travel all around the world. I would love to record my songs with one of the top record label companies such as Sony or Warner Brothers Music, and maybe even team up with other artists.

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