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This Is Northern New South Wales

Surfing with the Klaxons

James from the Klaxons, and lighting Guy Ed with CG’s Tim Manton : Byron Bay

During the weekend, Common Ground was lucky enough to have a surf with James Righton, keyboard/vocalist from the Klaxons, during a visit to our stunning shores while promoting Surfing the Void.

We caught up with them at Wategoes Beach for a few laugh’s, while Tim Manton and Johnny Abegg educated them on the finer points of surfing. We taught them how we hoot a mate getting a good ride by shouting “Yewwwwww”, and offering a hang loose/shaka hand sign.

Good times by all. To also see the Klaxons amazing, yet controversial filmclip to “Twin Flames” click here.

James gives us a “Yewwwwww” : Byron Bay

James warming up at Wategoes Beach : Byron Bay

Another Round : Byron Bay

James Righton with Mt Warning in the background : Byron Bay

James and Ed, post surf debrief : Byron Bay