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This Is Northern New South Wales

These are the days…

Broken Nights : Byron Bay : Buy Photo

These truly are the days.

Dry winds from the western hills. The still of a broken night. Fanned offshore waves. Clear and mesmerising skies. Dolphins gliding. Today is that incredible day in good ‘ol Byron Bay.

There is a term in surfing that goes like this; “you should have been here yesterday”. But today is better. Unbelievable. As I write this, I’m missing out on white sand beaches, the salty water caressing both body and hair, the smiles of tanned bodies, the blue of both water and sky.

That’s it. I’ve had enough. I can feel the wonderful warm westerly blowing through my window, I can already taste those water mountains of joy…


Friendship : Byron Bay : Buy Photo

Morning Joy : Byron Bay : Buy Photo

Dawn Glide : Byron Bay : Buy Photo

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