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This Is Northern New South Wales

Doublebassment Independence!

Emma Louise – Photo : Kirra Cheers

On Sunday eve, four indie talents came together in Byron Bay for an intimate night of music at Doublebassment Studios, a new intimate space in the old Norco Building in Byron Bay. It was the perfect setting that gave you the feeling of being in an alley somewhere in the city. An inspiring night.

First up Emma-Louise softly sang her heart out, accompanied by sparse acoustic and sublime Cajon drumming. Danny Ross then thumped his guitar and made it sing, looping rythms aplomb and mixing his voice from beat-poet to deep-south-crooner. The crowd began loosening up.

Ed G & The Show, really showed how good loose can be. Bringing thoughts of Elvis Costello’s early days to mind, it was punk in a poetic way. Then came the finale, M. Jack Bee, who put on a frantic guitar looped performance, as he did rounds of the room switching lights and music, checking the door, and a couple quick hello’s before launching into his set, a mixture of intimate songs that could be heard and understood.

Keep an eye out for events at Doublebassment Studios, and a closer eye on the music talents of Byron Bay. Luckily Kirra Cheers was there to snap some amazing moments from an incredible night. Visit our facebook page for many more photos.

The Setting – Photo : Kirra Cheers

Danny Ross – Photo : Kirra Cheers

Ed G & The Show – Photo : Kirra Cheers

M Jack Bee – Photo : Kirra Cheers

Visit our facebook page for many more photos.