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This Is Northern New South Wales


It always thrills me to see new health conscious businesses breaking into the market and being eagerly embraced by the community. More and more it feels as though people are moving away from poor quality, nutrient void, fast food options towards choices that are nutritious and nourishing. I see gluten-free muesli and coconut yogurt on breakfast menus, quinoa salads in biodegradable lunchboxes, whole fresh coconuts in supermarkets and green smoothies in the pages of glossy magazines. It feels as though the tides are indeed changing.

The benefits of fresh juice are widely known and juice bars appear to be popping up around the country as frequently as coffee shops. Yet more recently, slow pressed or cold pressed juice has risen in popularity, claiming to be far more nutritious than your regular fast pressed juice. The speed and heat of a regular centrifugal juicer eliminates a large number of the benefits a fresh juice claims to offer. The unique process of slow pressed juice gently squeezes and presses the produce without heat, maintaining the living enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and sealing in the freshness for days as opposed to minutes.

In an area of the country that is filled with fitness fanatics and health nuts, where Lorna Jane lycra wear teeters closely to a uniform, Noosa Cleanse has found a perfect market to launch their fresh new business.

For Jo, the lively mastermind behind Noosa Cleanse, health and wellbeing has always been at the forefront of her mind, as she states, “I’ve always been drawn to things that are good for me…people, places, food, juice!” Becoming a mother accentuated this passion, as Jo realized she was responsible for the health and nourishment of three more lives aside her own. In her desire to offer her children a nutritious diet, she found that juice was a wonderful way to flood their little bodies with essential vitamins and minerals, in a way that also tasted wonderful and was enjoyed.


Yet hauling out the juicer every morning became tiresome and time consuming and Jo felt that there had to be an easier and more convenient way to have juice en masse. Jo discovered that using a cold press juicer enabled the nutrients in the juice to be preserved for longer and thus enabled her to make a large batch that would last her a few days in the fridge, as she explains, ‘Making the juice this way ensured that me and my family could continue drinking liquid goodness all through the week!’

It dawned on Jo that this conundrum was likely plaguing many people whose busy lives and hectic schedules meant that finding a faster option left them bereft of a better nutritional choice. From this train for thought and coupled with her desire to share vibrant nutrition with her greater community, Jo developed Noosa Cleanse, a small company that offers bottled slow pressed juices in several retail spaces and also as a home delivery service for people wishing to utilise the juices for a day of cleansing at home. This combination of services offers people a healthy option if they are out and about, and also a more focused option to have a cleansing pack delivered right to their front door.

Wishing to offer a well-rounded cleansing regime and restore her clients’ inner health to a state of balance and functionality, Jo extended Noosa Cleanse to include a second branch called ‘Heal Your Gut’ that offers traditional organic broths. As Jo explains, “80% of the immune system is actually is located in the gut, and therefore to ensure a healthy efficient body you need a good balance of intestinal flora and healthy enzymes.”


The juice and the broth work hand in hand, synergistically complimenting one another and offering a thorough healing regime for people in a convenient, simple, affordable and even delicious way.

As Jo explains, “The juices focus on flooding our customers with antioxidants, live enzymes and nutrients among other things.  The broths work at healing and sealing the gut lining.”

The benefits of broth are becoming more widely known as the incidence of conditions such as IBS, Candida and other digestive ailments are becoming increasingly common in a society whose diet is largely bereft of enzymes and healthy bacteria. The broth helps the cells of the gut lining grow whilst simultaneously acting as an anti-inflammatory for sensitive, affected areas of the gut. While Jo doesn’t claim to be a doctor, she explains that she has healed herself and her family from some of these common ailments and knows first hand the benefits that these nutritious liquids offer the body.

One of the most important aspects of the business for Jo is ensuring that all of their products are made from 100% organic produce. In fact, Noosa Cleanse is the first certified organic, unpasteurised, coldpress juice company in the country. While a 500ml juice retails for $9.50, Jo is quick to explain that compared to conventional bottled juice that may retail for around half the price, each bottle of Noosa Coldpress Juice contains around 1 kilo of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. With the increasing use of chemicals in conventional farming, Jo questions, ‘What’s the point of drinking a juice if you’re getting a massive pesticide hit at the same time?”

Jumping onto their website, customers are able to select their cleanse from four options and have the freshly packed and sealed juices and broths delivered straight to their door. A relatively new idea that is catching on in on other capital cities around Australia, Jo states that the delivery option has been very popular and embraced by a public that is becoming increasingly dependent upon convenience.


The beauty of Noosa Cleanse is that it enables people to give their body and digestive organs a rest- something that everyone can benefit from periodically. The break from solid food allows the body to release some of the toxicity build up, clearing out the old while simultaneously flooding the body with an abundance of enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients that heal the gut and boost the immune system.

Jo believes that this process of clearing out the old and welcoming in the new opens the door for ongoing healthy habits to emerge, “We believe our cleanses break unhealthy eating patterns and move people towards optimum health. Once you start implementing healthy choices, the not so great choices start slipping away. It really is that easy.”

For the time being, Jo states that Noosa Cleanse is happy to strengthen their role here on the Sunshine Coast before looking further ahead, “We are always open to and looking for exciting opportunities that fit within our model. At the moment though we are really focused on our local market and continuing to give our customers an awesome Noosa Cleanse experience time and time again.”

In a world where fatigue, digestive issues, lingering illnesses, headaches, lack of libido, bad skin, lack of energy and an inability to shift weight are everyday complaints, Noosa Cleanse offers a simple and nourishing way to shake things up, start afresh, give your body a well deserved break and step with confidence on a path to a healthier and happier you. All from the comfort of your very own home.

You can find Noosa Cleanse slow pressed juices for retail sale at Cafe Le Monde and Belmondos in Noosa. You can also arrange delivery in the local area. Jump on their website for more details…

– Kelly Fielding is founder of Wellness blog, Bella & Bhakti. For more inspiration and tips on healthy living and wellbeing, head to