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Illy – One for Lennox

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Rapper Illy recently performed an all ages gig at The Lennox Hotel.

Ahead of his national tour, Illy launched a Social Media competition asking for fans to post a picture of the best part of their hometown, an idea coming from his latest single “One for the city”.  By posting a photo of Lennox Point at sunset on Instagram along with the words, “Lennox Head, super chilled. Huge supporter base around Byron and Lennox, perfect excuse for a holiday to me Illy” Local Nick Lohman, won the competition to have the rapper play an all ages gig in his home town, and he was able to bring 10 mates along with him. The rest of the tickets were up for grabs in “first in best dressed” through an email application. 1300 people applied and only 250 of them got a ticket.

Illy nailed it, the pub was packed and Lennox was buzzing on a quiet Sunday afternoon with people listening from outside and even from on the grass across the street.

Big thanks to Nick for winning and therefore enabling kids as young as 4 and 5 witness their first gig! I still remember seeing Richard Clapton at The Everglades in Byron when I was 4 years old…it sticks with you for life.

And of course thanks to Illy and his band, management and Warner Music Australia for an awesome gig. If you get a chance to see him perform do it! You won’t be disappointed.

Here is a link to a story written earlier in the year by our own Tommy Leitch on Illy giving you a bit more of an insight to Illy’s world and what drives and inspires him.

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