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This Is Northern New South Wales


Are you ready to start glowing from the inside out?!

Sweet, creamy, chocolaty Tiramisu, that’s good for you? Smoothies loaded with superfoods that will send you flying all afternoon? An alkalizing Iced Coffee without the nasty’s or the jitters?

Yes, please!!!!!

Walk through the open doors of the new Naked Treaties Raw Bar and production space on Marvel street and you will find a light filled space oozing with vibrant, radiant smiles and all things brimming with life! Bright coloured gerbera’s sit atop a glass cabinet loaded with raw chocolates, bliss balls, delectable cakes and coconuts- all 100% Vegan, Organic and Gluten and Sugar Free!

When the Naked Treaties Raw Bar relocated from its previous home at the far end of Johnson Street to its new prime position in the middle of town, it took no time at all for the buzz to spread and the word to get out that this little heavenly abode was a must-try!

As soon as the doors open at 8 am, people from all walks of life begin streaming in, eager to get their daily fix of goodness. From women in yoga clothes, to men in business suits, to mothers with little children or wandering backpackers, this buzzing hub attracts a diverse range of people who are eager to order from the beautiful menu or grab their favorite super smoothie from the express grab and go fridge.

Jemma, the owner and creator behind Naked Treaties, has carefully and consciously devised a unique and exotic menu of green smoothies, superfood smoothies, fresh juices as well as iced coffees, chai and yerba maté, that are all made with fresh coconuts and hand made almond milk, organic fruit and local greens, organic and sustainably sourced superfoods and remedial bush flower essences.


Each drink is also endowed with its own positive affirmation; try an ‘I am Beautiful’- a superfood smoothie with berries, greens, maca, sun warrior protein, mesquite, E3 Live, acai, probiotics, coconut and almond milk. Or an ‘I am Clear’- described as ‘pudding in a cup,’ made with strawberries, cacao, avocado, greens and almond milk, with a refreshing peppermint twist that tastes more like heaven in a cup to me!

Daily savory options are available which rotate during the week and include Raw Onion Bread Wraps brimming with fresh salad, olives, pesto and hummus, Raw Pad Thai made with kelp noodles and a fresh creamy Thai sauce, or a colorful Mezze Plate offering a trio of tasty raw dips, onion bread and fresh julienne vegetables.

And whatever you do, don’t skip dessert! Alongside the Raw Tiramisu sits tempting Orange and Chia Seed Cupcakes, Passionfruit Cheesecake, Chocolate Jaffa Ganashe, Chocolate Lushbombs, Cranberry Ripe Bars and Bountilicious Bars! And as Jemma’s slogan reads, they are ‘ a pleasure on the lips, never on the hips!’

Behind the Raw Bar is a kitchen buzzing with smiling worker bees that are busy creating these healthy treats to send all across Australia. From humble beginnings with her range of delicious and superfood-packed bliss balls, Jemma has expanded her Naked Treaties business far and wide with cafes, shops and health food stores around the country eager to stock her entire dessert range on their shelves.

The quality and the love that goes into every elixir and treat is clearly felt and seen on the faces of customers as they sit outside on the colorful chairs and wooden benches, smiles wide with joy and eyes clear with healthy radiance as they survey the unique and ever-changing Byron street scene.

Everywhere I look around town now I see people with their biodegradable cup, sipping vibrant pink, purple and green smoothies through their biodegradable corn starch straws! And it brings a smile to my face!

Naked Treaties is a perfect icon for our beautiful town, sharing health and vibrant nutrition, supporting local farmers and businesses, doing what they can to sustain the environment and guiding people on their path to radiance in a fun and inspiring way.

Coming up on February 4th  Jemma is running another Smoothie Challenge which supports people on a week long liquid feast cleanse! What better way to start the new year- cleansing and detoxifying the body with luscious handmade smoothies and raw soups! For more information pop by the shop or jump on their website or Facebook page. There will be more updates on the Challenge over the coming weeks here on the Common Ground website!

Are you still reading?! Jump up, grab your bike, and get down to Naked Treaties! Open Monday to Friday 8-4 and weekends from 8-3.

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