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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Butterfly Effect … Get Effected

The Butterfly Effect are coming to play! T.B.E have embarked on an intensive tour – 24 venues across Australia throughout April, May and June. With Numbers Radio and Greenthief in tow these shows will bring the house down. It’s also your last chance to experience The Butterfly Effect with singer Clint Boge. So…. to find a show near you check out the bands website Here or their facebook page Here. Of course these seasoned veterans of rock aren’t missing out on a Byron Bay show so get your tickets for The Great Northern, Wednesday the 2nd of May Here. CG got to interview the band below so check it out!

CG: It’s been 10 years of solid touring for TBE. You’ve been to Byron Bay many times. Can you remember the first time you came here and what it was like to play in Byron for the first time?

TBE: Our gig archive says that my first Byron gig was The Great Northern Hotel on the 19th Sept 2003. It would have been the “Begins Here” national tour. I don’t recall the gig precisely but if it’s been like all of the others then we probably stayed upstairs, got drunk, ate at the bakery across the road after the gig, got woken up by a party on the balcony, started a party on the balcony (“overheard one night upstairs ‘ya don’t stay at the Northo’ if you wanna get sleep”) and generally had a great time.

CG: We’ve read online that you’ve been working on new tracks for another album. Are you going to be playing some new tracks when you come to Byron?

TBE: No. With the current situation ongoing in the band, there are no new tracks currently in existence.

CG: You’ve always had great, young up and coming bands with you on tour. You’ve got Numbers Radio and Greenthief on this tour with you. Do you guys always pick the supports for your tours?

TBE: There’s been the occasional exception but generally, yes. Both of those bands rehearse in the same complex as us and we hear them rehearsing every day so we know they’re great.

CG: Over the ten years of touring Australia you are one of a handful of bands that always include regional areas in their tour schedule. How important is it to the band that you play those out of the way towns?

TBE: Really important. The fans are really quick to let you know what they think if you don’t include their town. We like to keep our fans happy.

CG: It’s front man Clint’s last tour with the band. Is there a replacement vocalist in place already? Will we see him join the tour at some point?

TBE: It is yes. No, we’re still on the hunt so no, there will be no guest appearances. We want to be respectful and let this tour be about Clint.

GG: Thanks for keeping us in the loop guys and can’t wait to see you at The Northen on Wednesday the 2nd of May!