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This Is Northern New South Wales


Blossom the Flying Fox

  In my late teens and in my full Gothic phase I thought bats were really cool. Recently these animals have received some pretty bad press.  This morning I found tangled up in the netting on one of my loaded peach tree’s a big beautiful… Read More »Blossom the Flying Fox

Wild Attributes

To welcome in Spring. Jarrah Linklater thought a few attributes from the wild were the perfect antidote to welcome in the warmer months. For more from Jarrah, visit his contributor and facebook pages. Enjoy the pics! For more photography from Jarrah Linklater, visit his contributor… Read More »Wild Attributes

It’s a Wild Life…

 “Yesterday afternoon I took a walk to Tallows beach along the bush path. I grabbed the camera as an afterthought on the way out the door. It was a perfect afternoon hinting slyly at what spring has in store for us and I refused to… Read More »It’s a Wild Life…

Natural Inhabitants

View today’s newsletter here Dolphin Love : Buy Print – Photo : Kirra Pendergast Waking up this morning, a wallaby bounded past my bedroom window. My thought wandered, thinking about how many beautiful beings are living in the Byron Shire, beyond that of the human… Read More »Natural Inhabitants