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This Is Northern New South Wales


The Lucky Ones……

The lucky ones…. Only the lucky ones get out alive… This clichéd saying that everyone would have heard at least once in their life, most likely in a dramatic film, can also be applied to the lives of most sharks worldwide. As I sit here… Read More »The Lucky Ones……


As I write this, I am surrounded by palm fronds and broad, green banana leaves. I sit at a rough hewn timber table, a thatched roof sheltering me from the tropical sun, my love sitting across the table from me, a raw coconut, decapitated to… Read More »BALI: THE TROPICAL PARADOX

Holiday at Home

When a dear friend, who lives around the corner from us in Suffolk, recently went on holiday with her husband and two daughters – they packed the car with swimming gear and other vacation paraphernalia and drove off to their holiday destination – 1km down… Read More »Holiday at Home