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This Is Northern New South Wales


The Lucky Ones……

The lucky ones…. Only the lucky ones get out alive… This clichéd saying that everyone would have heard at least once in their life, most likely in a dramatic film, can also be applied to the lives of most sharks worldwide. As I sit here… Read More »The Lucky Ones……

“Sam” the Gannet

Monday morning and our friends from Australian Seabird Rescue in Ballina call to say they are releasing “Sam” an injured Gannet from the Skennars Head cliffs at 1pm. Sam had injured legs and has been in care in the seabird rehab centre in Ballina. When he… Read More »“Sam” the Gannet

Save our marine sanctuary

Since March last year, when Barry O’Farrell temporarily allowed fishing in marine sanctuary zones in NSW, community, business and environment groups have been calling for the sanctuaries to remain protected for the benefit of all. Byron Bay’s own Stingrays swimming group rallied in opposition to… Read More »Save our marine sanctuary

Positive Change, Youth Conference

Karl Goodsell is 27 years old and currently studying Marine Biology at Southern Cross University. In June of 2011 he founded Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML), a Byron Bay based marine conservation organisation. PCFML are focused on creating long-term profitable change in regards to… Read More »Positive Change, Youth Conference

Sailing with Tim Silverwood

Back in June we featured Tim Silverwood and his Take 3 environmental initiative. Since then Tim has sailed the seven seas searching for a mythical aquatic beast, commonly known as- “Plastic Island”. Below is more important information on Tim’s interesting adventures and how we can all,… Read More »Sailing with Tim Silverwood