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This Is Northern New South Wales


Double Barrel

‘Double Barrel’ is one chapter of a global story. In places like Bali, Fiji, South Africa, even around our own coast, we are seeing the destructive force of development and greed. But, in just the same way, the project and the sustainable redevelopment of Lobitos… Read More »Double Barrel

Style Agenda

Designer Mardi Borrack and visual artist and musician Matthew Baird have brought their Style Agenda to Byron Bay. We asked the accomplished duo what it’s like to work on one of ABC TV’s most successful shows, where they draw their inspiration from, and who they’d… Read More »Style Agenda

Craig Anderson’s rad job

Local Byron Bay film production and media house, New Beach Media (Skuff TV) bring you this rad clip on travelling free surfer Craig Anderson, who spends 90% of his year surfing the best waves in the world – with the odd stopover in our beloved… Read More »Craig Anderson’s rad job

Church Farm General Store

CG will be bringing you content from The Vista over the coming weeks, starting with this piece on the Church Farm General Store‘s Amanda Cullan and Andrew Morris, who have created a life that many of us dream of. They have established their home in a… Read More »Church Farm General Store

Ocean Talk

Ocean Talk is a collaboration between Filmmaker Darius Devas and Caleb Graham and focus on the relationship between surfers and the ocean. The idea was to go beyond just beautiful images and get an insight into what makes these people tick and how they see… Read More »Ocean Talk


Yep. I’m a Dad. Sometimes I can’t believe that I am. It’s been such a wild and beautiful ride. Recently I got to sit down in front of a camera and have a little rant about being a Father. It’s my way of keeping a… Read More »Fatherhood


Award-winning young film director Darius Devas, and on/off again Byronite, has just released his ground-breaking experimental short ocean-art film Within, which is narrated by Guy Pearce. Inspired by the suicide of a childhood friend, Within is a remarkable exploration of human connection to the ocean and… Read More »Within