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This Is Northern New South Wales


“Hubcap” at The Backroom

“Hubcap” packed out the Backroom at the Northern on Thursday night drawing a crowd of true rock lovers. The atmosphere was full of anticipation and energy akin to the pub rock gigs that assisted in their initial rise into the band that became Grinspoon, toured… Read More »“Hubcap” at The Backroom

Sensory Feast

It is common for musicians to be magnetically drawn to music throughout their lives and Pat Davern is no exception. He began to play the guitar at age ten, the driving force growing ever stronger throughout high school and his adult life. Pat formed Grinspoon… Read More »Sensory Feast


Josh Pyke should be taking notes from the Arapaho Indians of North America or the sub-Saharan Bedouin clans. Whether he is a perpetual nomad, a slave to his music or just a sucker for punishment, it seems that, no sooner has he transferred his jocks… Read More »JOSH PYKE: LUPINE MIGRATIONS