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This Is Northern New South Wales

lighthouse byron bay

Beauty but a beast

“Douse it in Vinegar”, “rub sand in it”, “pee on it” “Use Stingose” over many years growing up on the beaches of Byron Bay I have seen to many screaming kids (my own son one of them)and adults that have been stung by “The Bluebottle”… Read More »Beauty but a beast

The Northerly

The Northerly wind is the sign of something to come. In the late days of Winter, a Northerly wind precedes a dramatic change in weather. By the time you read this, Byron will already start to feel the chilly winds from the west, and the… Read More »The Northerly

Family Ties

This morning at 6:15am : Photo – Ailsa Pennefather When I think about community, one thinks about family. Ailsa Pennefather, 15, lives in Toowoomba. She is the cousin of Lachlan Pennefather, aka, the Common Ground ‘ENGINE ROOM’. Ailsa is in Byron Bay for a week,… Read More »Family Ties

Two sides to every Cape

Four Metres : Byron Bay : Buy Print – 020611_1 Cape Byron is like the centre piece of a coin. The difference between heads and tails. Today and yesterday is seeing the bombardment of a 3-4 Metres SE swell upon our shores. The Southern side… Read More »Two sides to every Cape

Was this worth a $201 fine?

Yesterday morning, Common Ground contributor Alex Frings got up nice and early to snap this photo of the lighthouse, only to return to his car to a $201 parking fine. What do you think? Was it worth it?

Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Daylight Deception 1 : Byron Bay: Photo Alex Frings Alex Frings was up to his old tricks again the other night. Hanging out up at the lighthouse on the full moon. He’s captured these amazing photos as the full moon came over the cape. Using a… Read More »Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Full Moon Rising

Full Rise : Broken Head : Photo Jia Long –  Buy Photo When you live by the ocean and you spend a lot time in it, whether it be surfing, swimming, fishing, diving… you find yourself really taking notice of the way the weather changes.… Read More »Full Moon Rising

Easter Is Here

Holiday Goers : Byron Bay : Buy Print – image 21.4.11_1 Easter is here…. Well the official Easter long weekend is only hours away but in Byron Bay the holiday goers are already in full swing. The weather really has come good for everyone traveling… Read More »Easter Is Here