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This Is Northern New South Wales


The Nightjars

In one of the quieter streets of Byron Bay I’ve been photographing a pair of Tawny Frogmouth for about six years, locals in the street say they’ve been there for some fifteen years. When I show my grandkids and godchildren I tell them they’re the… Read More »The Nightjars

Stepping into the Light

As most of us know British explorer Captain James Cook cruised past the most easterly point of the Australian mainland on the 15th of May 1770. Cape Byron was named in honour of John Byron another British Explorer, not Lord Byron the English poet as… Read More »Stepping into the Light

Storm Chaser

When I was a child my friend Sarah’s dad Bob Dyball, was the Cape Byron Lighthouse Keeper. Bob was a Steve Irwin of his time – helping injured animals and birds, I remember one night when he walked into the cottage (Sarah’s Family lived in… Read More »Storm Chaser