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This Is Northern New South Wales

surfing byron bay shark

Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Daylight Deception 1 : Byron Bay: Photo Alex Frings Alex Frings was up to his old tricks again the other night. Hanging out up at the lighthouse on the full moon. He’s captured these amazing photos as the full moon came over the cape. Using a… Read More »Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Last day of Summer

View today’s newsletter here Eastlands : Byron Bay : Buy Print It’s the last day of Summer, and what a beautiful day to transition (it’s so hot). Tomorrow will be Autumn, when cool and clear mornings take over the humidity of the Nor’-Easterly winds. The… Read More »Last day of Summer

Surfing with the Klaxons

James from the Klaxons, and lighting Guy Ed with CG’s Tim Manton : Byron Bay During the weekend, Common Ground was lucky enough to have a surf with James Righton, keyboard/vocalist from the Klaxons, during a visit to our stunning shores while promoting Surfing the… Read More »Surfing with the Klaxons

Dawn till Dusk…

Dawn : Byron Bay : Buy Print Today. Yesterday. Bliss. From dawn till dusk has been oceans play. Late season whales breaching; tried to capture one, but they are best left dappled in allure. Beach gatherings and banter, while the sun honed it’s summery gaze.… Read More »Dawn till Dusk…