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This Is Northern New South Wales

the channon

Grasshopper Tours in Nimbin

Words and Images by Winston Struye….  The morning of my trip to Nimbin is slightly overcast, chilly, and the sky is looking like it wants to rain.  In addition, as per usual at 10 AM, I’m tired, yet to have fully woken up, and still… Read More »Grasshopper Tours in Nimbin

Below the Surface

Matt Shepherd sees the world more clearly under water.  Indeed it is where he is most at home, amongst the tiniest of life forms to the largest rays and sharks. Matt has teamed up with The Channon Gallery to present an exhibition that showcases images… Read More »Below the Surface

The Channon Gallery

Located in the picturesque village of The Channon in the Byron Bay hinterland of northern NSW, The Channon Gallery is committed to the exhibition of fine Australian contemporary art to delight and provoke. I stumbled across this world class gallery on a leisurely Sunday drive… Read More »The Channon Gallery

The Bride as Banquet

On a rainy Sunday in August 2011 we took a drive out into the hinterland looking for nothing really but maybe some serenity, a grounding walk in the mud to Protester Falls. But that hinterland drive turned out different to what we planned as we… Read More »The Bride as Banquet