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This Is Northern New South Wales

the endless sunrise

The Serendipity of Sunrise

Serendipity – (n) finding something good without looking for it. Sunrise – (n) the colours and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the suns first appearance in the morning considered as a view or spectacle.   The click clack of my thongs against… Read More »The Serendipity of Sunrise

Help for our friend Dan

  Daniel James Ridgley- Hewitt I met Daniel during the “Endless Sunrise” Photographic competition that Common Ground sponsored last year – Dan won the Peoples Choice with his photo “The Curious Crab”. He is 26 years old passionate about photography, Surfing, Development of consciousness, Yoga and meditations,… Read More »Help for our friend Dan

The Endless Sunrise Finale!

Sunday night The Endless Sunrise Exhibition rolled out from 5:00 pm. We turned up at 6:00 and figured the event was already in good form as finding a car park in the vicinity was quite a task. On strolling into the Stone & Wood Brewery,… Read More »The Endless Sunrise Finale!

Love your Marine life!

Local Byron Bay organisation, Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML), have recently returned from three months in Japan where they were working towards viable alternatives to unsustainable marine industries, with a primary focus on the dolphin and porpoise hunts on the east coast of the… Read More »Love your Marine life!