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This Is Northern New South Wales

underwater photography


        The last days of Winter are behind us now. All I can see is clear blue and aqua hues of the ocean, and light rays dancing on the sand below. Spring.The water was crystal clear the day myself and Kathryn “Rainbow” Lyster,… Read More »A CLEAR DAY IN PARADISE

Below the Surface

Matt Shepherd sees the world more clearly under water.  Indeed it is where he is most at home, amongst the tiniest of life forms to the largest rays and sharks. Matt has teamed up with The Channon Gallery to present an exhibition that showcases images… Read More »Below the Surface

Water Rainbow!

The end of last week saw the winds turn from NE to West in the afternoon. A rare occurrence. And with the wind, the clouds changed from an eerie Grey, to a golden dream. Here are just a few samples of Alex Frings creativity from… Read More »Water Rainbow!


Reach for the sky : Byron Bay : Photo : Alex Frings : Buy Print – 1.6.11_1 When your a surfer, it’s always about the next wave, the next swell, the next memorable moment. But also rubbing it into your mate if they missed that… Read More »Anticipation

Under the Sea…

My Friend Remi Chauvin popped up for a few days. He’s a Krafty Kat with the lens and is just about to launch a new site to display his works. Should be worth a Look! Waves weren’t so good in the Bay today but it… Read More »Under the Sea…