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This Is Northern New South Wales

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‘Kurungabaa’ is a Dharawal word for the Australian pelican, a handsome bird with a peculiar way of gliding low over the waves. It was chosen it to express respect for the Dharawal country where we love to surf, to celebrate the continuing culture of the… Read More »Kurungabaa

Minds in the Water

Minds In The Water is the story of one person’s journey from observer to activist. Join professional surfer Dave Rastovich as he embarks on a mission to help protect dolphins, whales and their ocean environment. Through the charismatic journey of Dave’s life and the exploits… Read More »Minds in the Water

Mr Harry Triglone

Common Ground has recently got to know Mr Harry Triglone, whom moved to the Byron Shires about a year ago, has a passion for filmmaking, and is studying film at SAE. Another passion is doing anything that keeps Harry from being bored, we can understand… Read More »Mr Harry Triglone

Jory of Leather

Jory, along with many other Byron Bay Marketeers, are the people that make Byron Bay… Byron. We where lucky enough to sit down with Jory on Sunday at the Byron Markets, and have a sneak peak into his life working with leather. His handmade/handcrafted moccasin… Read More »Jory of Leather

Joni Sternbach

Joni Sternbach – Watch Video The weather is filled with Grey, which makes one think… A week ago today saw the Byron Bay community farewell Joni Sternbach, a photographer from Brooklyn whom specialised in a process of photography called Wet-Collodion. She was in Byron Bay… Read More »Joni Sternbach

BBFF Gala Red Carpet Party!

Although the Byron Bay Film Festival screens strong until Sunday the 13th, they hold the final “Gala Red Carpet Party” and Awards Night on Saturday the 12th (tomorrow night). TheGala event is preceded by our Young Australian Filmmaker session at 4:20pm where all tickets are… Read More »BBFF Gala Red Carpet Party!

Behind the White Picket Fence

All photo’s by Beck Rocchi Common Ground got to attend one of those events that sticks in your mind, and echoes the feeling of community. Katherine Elizabeth Mary Charles and her 6/7 housemates decided to put on a collaborative exhibition in a local house over… Read More »Behind the White Picket Fence

Art Park residency program

Celebrated New York photographer, Joni Sternbach has been awarded the first Art Park/Atlantic Artist Residency in Byron Bay on February 18, 2011. The program aims to financially support an artist, allowing them to produce a body of work outside of their everyday environment. Two 6… Read More »Art Park residency program