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This Is Northern New South Wales


More Than Just A DJ- Sapote

Matt Walker, Byron resident, originally from Adelaide started to DJ in France over 12 years ago. Now playing under the name Jaywalker, Matt started playing with percussion in Adelaide in 2004 with 2 percussionists. The dimensions it gave the sound was amazing, Matt said, the… Read More »More Than Just A DJ- Sapote


When local musician Mikey Bee was playing a solo show in Australia, film-maker Taylor Steele happened to be in the audience and was intrigued by the performance. The film-maker approached the musician with a question, “how would a song sound from a man sinking into… Read More »MT WARNING – FORWARD MILES

An Awesome Wave (video)

If you missed the recent Cyclone swell that hit Byron Bay, here it is for you to enjoy. If you got to taste it, you may find yourself weaving a tunnel or two in this video.

Shannon Smerdon – Chef

We all love food. It’s through our taste-buds we find joy, new experiences and travel to far off exotic places… without the airfare. Wizards of food are called Chefs. The Rock Stars of the culinary world. Their stage is the kitchen, welding knives like performing… Read More »Shannon Smerdon – Chef