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This Is Northern New South Wales

11 Questions with Jade Sebire

I’ve lived in Byron for 3 years. I grew up surrounded by cherry orchards & nature in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Im a qualified tradesman (fitter/machinist/welder) but this year i’ve been gardening. A nice change & great to be outdoors.

My idea of perfect happiness would be to live surrounded by nature & friends, with an enjoyable job & a balanced lifestyle. To wake up to the sound of Kookaburras & the amazing song of the Butcherbird or Whipbird.. that makes me smile.

I really admire my parents. They worked really hard to get where they are. Mum is kind & always helping people. She did some very repetitive factory work, but she was always focused & positive. With a lot of saving & hard work, they built a nice house & have a beautiful property. It’s funny, sometimes people comment that they are lucky.

I think my greatest extravagance would be overseas travel. One of my favourite places to visit was Yakushima Island, off the southern tip of Japan. It’s world heritage listed, with stunning scenery & forests. Some of the huge, ancient cedar trees are thought to be over 3000 years old.

I value integrity, a ‘down to earth’ vibe, creativity, passion & a good sense of humour in friends.

One of my favourite memories was swimming with a Whale Shark on the Ningaloo reef, W.A. Amazing experience.. another world!

One of my greatest passions is music. I say this because when i hear something amazing, it gives me a shiver & my arm hairs stand up. I collect records, i think they will always have a timeless magic.

I don’t think i really have a motto.. but i like to remind myself to take a nice, deep breath. It really helps!

One of my favourite things to do in Byron, is simply watch the sky. Always different, always changing & always amazing. I love being able to watch a stunning sunset on one side of the bay, while the full moon is rising on the other.. wow.