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This Is Northern New South Wales

alexander frings

Boiling Waters – Alex Frings

These photos are a little teaser (plenty more here) of the last few days of the swell around Byron Bay. The surf’s been pumping, the water’s cleared up and autumn keeps busting out the colourful presentations of sunrise and sunset. I don’t need to tell… Read More »Boiling Waters – Alex Frings

A perfect shade of green

Alex Frings shares these amazing photographs with us (and you) from last Thursday – especially good if you feel like a sunny bit of reminiscing right now. “These are from one of the last sessions I had with Nick Colbey along the open beaches. We… Read More »A perfect shade of green

Water Rainbow!

The end of last week saw the winds turn from NE to West in the afternoon. A rare occurrence. And with the wind, the clouds changed from an eerie Grey, to a golden dream. Here are just a few samples of Alex Frings creativity from… Read More »Water Rainbow!

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse : Photo – Keith Christie The alarm goes off at 4am. No sane person gets up this early. Unless you work the shift. The moon is full and bright, it’s a lunar eclipse this morning, tonight. Keith Christie, Alex Frings and Jonatan Lundmark… Read More »Lunar Eclipse

One Cold Day.

Cold Reflections : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings Yesterday in Byron hit a top of 12 degrees (I think). One of the coldest days this year. It all started at 6:30am, checking the surf somewhere between Tallows and Broken Head. The wind was… Read More »One Cold Day.

The last 30mins…

Last 30mins : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings The sky is covered in a thick grey film. The air is chilly. Days like today are when your mind runs away to your own special place. With the cooler air and clearer days, those… Read More »The last 30mins…

Was this worth a $201 fine?

Yesterday morning, Common Ground contributor Alex Frings got up nice and early to snap this photo of the lighthouse, only to return to his car to a $201 parking fine. What do you think? Was it worth it?

Waves, Waves, Waves

Anticipation : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings When the surf is pumping… everything stops. There is suddenly more sick days than usual at work. Any meeting or agenda is replaced with an appointment with the ocean. With a recent morning of westerly winds… Read More »Waves, Waves, Waves

How good is surfing?

Looking North : Byron Bay Surfing… How good is it? It’s one of those experiences that is beyond word comprehension, and for so many in Byron Bay it’s our morning ritual, rising with the sunlight and venturing into mother ocean. We have been wonderfully blessed… Read More »How good is surfing?

Autumn in the Bay

Weekend Farewell : Byron Bay : Buy Print – image 030511_1 Easter has been and gone. Long weekends are a moment passed. The glory months are now beginning. A thunderous swell hit Byron Bay over the last three days, peaking yesterday during the Queensland long… Read More »Autumn in the Bay