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This Is Northern New South Wales

Byron Bay Malibu Classic

Future Legends

We were fortunate on a number of occasions to spend some time at Makaha in Hawaii with Rell Sunn “The Queen of Makaha”. Rell Kapolioka’ehuka Sunn was a champion surfer and water woman, when her daughter Jan was small, Rell started a contest for kids… Read More »Future Legends

It’s all about the Kids

Childs Play : Wategos Beach : Buy Photo What a weekend! Triathlons, Malibu Classics, and a whole lot of sunshine… but there was an annual surf event that at times goes by unnoticed, which is all about the kids. Third Generation Byronians Max and Yvonne… Read More »It’s all about the Kids

A Smart Surfer!

Max Pendergast, and his wife Yvonne do something very special for the local surfing community. They run the Annual Future Legends Kids Surf Meet. The thing that got our attention was a step-by-step colouring in book, and guide for the kids, called “A Smart Surfer”.… Read More »A Smart Surfer!