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This Is Northern New South Wales

craig parry photography

The Endless Sunrise Finale!

Sunday night The Endless Sunrise Exhibition rolled out from 5:00 pm. We turned up at 6:00 and figured the event was already in good form as finding a car park in the vicinity was quite a task. On strolling into the Stone & Wood Brewery,… Read More »The Endless Sunrise Finale!

Whales Alive Exhibition

Byron knows Olive Andrews as the ‘whale lady’, a research director for a conservation organisation called Whales Alive. She has put together an exhibition of donated images from well known photographers in support of Whales Alive whale research program in the Pacific at the Top… Read More »Whales Alive Exhibition

Ocean Commando

Beau Young : Photo – Alex Frings   Words by Alex Frings With a big south swell maxing mid week, I headed south. ‘The Ox’ was ridiculously crowded with the reminence of Gromfest. There were a few gems on offer, with Jetski’s the weapons of… Read More »Ocean Commando