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This Is Northern New South Wales


Duck Weather….

You might have seen these masked renegades today. Last seen heading for a swim, between the flags of course…..Who says DVDs and couch time indoors are for everyone in this weather? This good chuckle is courtesy of Joggly.

Ozzie and the Black

There has been an Easterly jet-stream bringing us all this rainy and windy weather of late. The swell hit it’s peak yesterday with a few words of talented praise going to Mr Ozzie Wright (featured surfer) for his dynamic display, and how he lit up… Read More »Ozzie and the Black

Whale Breach!

Our man Joggly captured this amazing sequence yesterday of a Whale in full breach, whilst having a morning surf. So here is a bit of information on your big friendly giant of the sea… The journey of the Humpback whale starts around April in the… Read More »Whale Breach!

Devil Dog Wind

The no bullshit photo-word on today, thanks to our man on the ground, the mysterious… Joggly.

Weekend Wishes…

As the sun begins to heal my battered body. The memory’s return from the last 48 hours. The 5 metre swell is dissipating, and the ocean is beginning it’s decline. There is a touch of Spring in the air today. I can hear stories of… Read More »Weekend Wishes…


Ghostlands : Photos and Words by Joggly Lighthouse ghosts, looking for someone to surf with is often folk lore of our vast continents deep south. Who would think with just a little extra foresight and an addiction to anticipation, you can mysteriously disappear to a… Read More »Ghostlands…

An early banana catches the wave

View today’s newsletter here Early Set : Buy Print Or as the famous term goes, “the early bird catches the worm”. This morning. Surfing water’s of 27 degrees. The sun barely rising above the horizon. Three great buddies, “Joggly“, Charly and his brother Luke where… Read More »An early banana catches the wave