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This Is Northern New South Wales



Cinemas are great. They draw you into a sensory cocoon, transport you to far off places, fantastical realms and an impossible reality. But they also have a distinct detachment, distancing the audience from the characters, the scenery and the tales being told. Despite the obvious… Read More »NORPA: TELLING STORIES

The Drums Live Photos

After playing the Laneway Festival in Brisbane on Sunday The Drums headed down to Byron Bay to play The Northern last night. The crowd were loving the NYC boys indi pop hits. They really do seem to pull a very female fan base…. i wonder… Read More »The Drums Live Photos

The Beards at The Northern

The Beards played at The Northern, and it was a treat for anyone lucky enough to catch them. Photos and words by Jai Long “I was sceptical about how a band called The Beards could sing about nothing but beards and maintain a captivated audience. But… Read More »The Beards at The Northern