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This Is Northern New South Wales

rusty miller


Fashion is a funny thing. For all that it is an expression of ourselves, it is equally as soulless and impersonal. We are dictated to, told what to wear, how we should sculpt our image to suit fads or genres. We are the servants of… Read More »DRIFTLAB: CREATIVISMS

Turning Point – Rusty Miller

TURNING POINT – A Photo-Journal of the ‘70s Surfer Surfers today relish the thought of discovering deserted breaks, pioneering new spots and living purely for the surf, surrounded by their closest friends and nary another soul. The pristine coastline of northern New South Wales in the… Read More »Turning Point – Rusty Miller

Kenya Dig it!

This Saturday (September 10th), we will see an incredible fundraising concept go down at the Byron Bay Brewery thanks mostly to the efforts of local lad Tim Horrocks… Kenya Dig it! is the name of the fundraising game which is seeing the proceeds from Saturday… Read More »Kenya Dig it!

The Art of Writing Surfing

John Witzig smells waxmate 1971: Photo – Rusty Miller Surf’s Up! The Art of Writing Surfing is just one of the many sessions being held during the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival (BBWF). If you’ve never been, you should go, as it is a feast for… Read More »The Art of Writing Surfing

Carpark Conversations

Photo : Beck Rocchi How has surf filmmaking changed since it emerged as its own film genre? And, where is it heading to from here? From the early days of scratchy celluloid footage of waves, wax and babes, surf films have come a long way.… Read More »Carpark Conversations

It’s Summer

Follow The Leader: Byron Bay It’s Summer Someone hit the “Summer Button” yesterday in Byron Bay. The water is warm, its a perfect 30c today and the locals are out mixed with holiday goers finding the best spots to get some waves and just generally… Read More »It’s Summer