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This Is Northern New South Wales


Fun and Games

Having been around surfing contests for more years than I would like to admit to, I find it’s pretty much the same at each event and you see a lot of familiar faces around.  The scene is pretty mellow and people make an effort to… Read More »Fun and Games

Alex Frings May Recap

Surf wise the month of May started with a Bang! Two memorable super sessions come to mind that went down in history as all time days. I could tell you stories or show you pictures but it wouldn’t do those days any justice. It was… Read More »Alex Frings May Recap

Inner Most

Geoff Swan is a recent addition to the northern rivers (originally from Tasmania), a place he can call home for now, relax and find so much solitude in the aqua bumps that reverberate along this amazing coastline. Whilst searching for these moments of liquid and… Read More »Inner Most


Early Skateboards, Flavio Biehl and Rest Your Eyes Production put together a day of Skateboarding with Freeriding & Racing for Girls & Grommets at Lennox Head this weekend. Over 30 stoked kids showed up with their parents to the hill located in a quiet estate.… Read More »Freeriding…

To Hell for the Helicopter!

25 mountain bike riders will head off from Lismore tomorrow (Saturday October 8th) on a 675km ride to raise money for Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter. The Yellow Pages Hell on Wheels Cycle Tour aims to raise close to $25,000 for the Helicopter. Westpac Life… Read More »To Hell for the Helicopter!

The Wonders of Kite

There was an article in The Australian last week that suggested that due to climate change Australian wind speeds have increased by about 14% over the past twenty years. The article went on to suggest that we may not have noticed, as the speed of… Read More »The Wonders of Kite

Lighthouse to Main! (skate)

The skateboard scene in Byron Bay is growing in numbers by every week, which is very noticeable at ‘The Wreck’ carpark where the ‘Byron Side Walk Surfers’ crew gather every friday afternoon at 4.30pm… So yesterday (Thursday 8th September) the crew took a cruise down… Read More »Lighthouse to Main! (skate)

Fibonacci – Dave Rastovich

INNERSECTION is an online video platform of visual submissions, by some of the best surfers and surf-filmmakers in the world. The initiative is that of Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers and the winners of each round are decided by… YOU! (CG will be bringing you… Read More »Fibonacci – Dave Rastovich