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This Is Northern New South Wales



I wait in anticipation on my little balcony overlooking the Pacific, wondering whether this ‘perfect storm’ that the media has hyped up over the last week will actually eventuate into anything here on the Gold Coast. They predicted massive seas, cyclonic winds, torrential rain and… Read More »THE FRINGE OF A STORM

Autumn Storm – Lennox Head

After three days of a huge swell hitting our coast, the sky decided to do it’s own rendition of beauty mixed with fury. Our resident storm chaser Kirra Pendergast was out there to capture some incredible moments…

Storm breaker

After 4 successive magical Easter days in the Northern Rivers… last night say a big southerly buster make its way through, with a fantastic light show to accompany it. Alani Belcher snapped these from Brunswick Heads, looking south to Byron Bay.

A Summer of Storms

It is no secret that I love storms – Tuesday afternoons was awesome in everyway. I have seen, and put myself in some very dangerous situations shooting storms and Tuesday evening was no exception. But something weird happened. Not only did the lightning strike so… Read More »A Summer of Storms

Brunswick Storm

An INSANE storm front from Tuesday afternoon in Brunswick Heads, captured by Alani Belcher. For more of Alani’s creative moments, visit her facebook page: To enjoy Common Ground Brunswick Heads, we have a page going here:

Lights in the Sky

It was a race against time. When the sky lights up, you know it’s not going to last long. There is also the art of juggling the simple appreciation of the gods and attempting to capture the marvel through a lens. Trickles of rain could… Read More »Lights in the Sky