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This Is Northern New South Wales


Jeremy Austin

I used to wear thongs all the time but I misplaced one of the pair and just got around barefoot for ages. Then the missing thong turned up and I was like, awesome I can wear my thongs again, let’s go to the beach. “Have… Read More »Jeremy Austin

People to know – Nitsua

We are big fans of local artist Nitsua, he shared a little about himself with us this week after driving back from Melbourne where he was at Rainbow Serpent Festival and afterwards completed the amazing Bowie mural you will see below. KP – Claim to fame/day… Read More »People to know – Nitsua

Artist Profile – Danni Carr

It’s a well known fact to anyone living locally that there is an abundance of talent constantly emerging from our beloved Byron Shire and surrounding areas. Consistent with our desire to share this talent we took some time to catch up with one of those… Read More »Artist Profile – Danni Carr

Signify Thirty

In memory of her inspiring friend Stacy Neild, who passed away in 2013 from Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS) , Byron Bay artist Liesel Arden embarked on a challenge 30 portraits in 30 days of 30 inspiring people in the area who have made a significant… Read More »Signify Thirty


Eureka artist Nikky Morgan-Smith is a prolific painter with a penchant for bathrooms and their “displaced inhabitants”. Common Ground intern Jahlia Solomon spoke to Nikky about her work ethic, the local art scene, and what it’s like to have your work destroyed by a gallery… Read More »DISPLACED INHABITANTS

The Hub – Gene Cundith

The Hub is a short plunge into the swirling mind of an artist Gene Cundith. Thoughts and emotions running through his head as he sits spins and paints. Thoughts on Byron and inspiration as an artist. The beginning of a monthly artist profile on Lost… Read More »The Hub – Gene Cundith

The Heart Of Troy Archer

Recently our friend Chad Kolcze had a chat with Gold Coast based visual artist Troy Archer, here’s the story of Troy’s passion for art life and other things. Your profile as a visual artist has been steadily growing over the years, can you tell us… Read More »The Heart Of Troy Archer


Jeff Raglus requires little introduction. His pop, slash, graphic, slash primitive iconography is instantly recognisable and wonderfully familiar. From his early days airbrushing boards and designing band posters to the 90’s where he worked as a Mambo designer, Jeff has maintained an ongoing passion for the… Read More »Pugnacious…