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This Is Northern New South Wales

byron bay dolphins breaching

Elaine Reid

When I was a kid in the early 70’s I was embarrassed that my mum was a surfer, when a lot of other mum’s stayed home and baked cookies and did what I thought was cool mum stuff, my mum and her best friend were… Read More »Elaine Reid

Howling Bells Live Photos

Howling Bells played the Great Northern on a rainy Wednesday night this week. These guys … and girl are such a great band. They’ve been living and touring in the UK and Europe for a while now and you can really tell. Watching them felt… Read More »Howling Bells Live Photos


Ghostlands : Photos and Words by Joggly Lighthouse ghosts, looking for someone to surf with is often folk lore of our vast continents deep south. Who would think with just a little extra foresight and an addiction to anticipation, you can mysteriously disappear to a… Read More »Ghostlands…

The last 30mins…

Last 30mins : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings The sky is covered in a thick grey film. The air is chilly. Days like today are when your mind runs away to your own special place. With the cooler air and clearer days, those… Read More »The last 30mins…


Reach for the sky : Byron Bay : Photo : Alex Frings : Buy Print – 1.6.11_1 When your a surfer, it’s always about the next wave, the next swell, the next memorable moment. But also rubbing it into your mate if they missed that… Read More »Anticipation

Down Hill Skate Comp

Sebastian Lunkmark : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings Byron Bay has long been know for its amazing waves and the surfers it has produced, almost in the background but never out of sight, long boarding has emerged in our community and like surfing… Read More »Down Hill Skate Comp

Easter Is Here

Holiday Goers : Byron Bay : Buy Print – image 21.4.11_1 Easter is here…. Well the official Easter long weekend is only hours away but in Byron Bay the holiday goers are already in full swing. The weather really has come good for everyone traveling… Read More »Easter Is Here

Salty Serenity

View today’s newsletter here Salty Beginning : Byron Bay – More Photos The week builds up and you wonder. Where did those moments go? Where does the ocean live? How does the salt feel, as it touches my skin. The clock gets close to 5,… Read More »Salty Serenity

Dolphin Play

There’s nothing like going into the weekend, with a photo of a dolphin breaching in your mind. Wonderful. Photo by Eric McKenzie (Thanks mate).

Dark Clouds

Tallows Wash: Byron Bay: Kirra Cheers

Dark Clouds

It is summer yes? I’m really not sure as for the past few days we’ve just seen dark clouds rolling in off the ocean and hitting the Byron Shire. There was some glimmers of sun over the weekend but those dark clouds full of rain and wind were filling the skys.

Two of our local Byron Bay photographers Kirra Cheers and Kirra Pendergast have both captured and given us their view of how they have seen the clouds roll in. How the ocean and wind moved around between the sun light that occasionally shined through.

The water and air temperature has risen so get out for a swim or surf and watch some dark clouds roll over head and pray for sun!


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Rolling Clouds Tallows: Byron Bay: Kirra Cheers

Bay Cover: Byron Bay: Kirra Pendergast

Shine Through: Byron Bay: Kirra Pendergast

Cloud rays: Byron Bay: Kirra Pendergast

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