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This Is Northern New South Wales


Jory of Leather

Jory, along with many other Byron Bay Marketeers, are the people that make Byron Bay… Byron. We where lucky enough to sit down with Jory on Sunday at the Byron Markets, and have a sneak peak into his life working with leather. His handmade/handcrafted moccasin… Read More »Jory of Leather

Joni Sternbach

Joni Sternbach – Watch Video The weather is filled with Grey, which makes one think… A week ago today saw the Byron Bay community farewell Joni Sternbach, a photographer from Brooklyn whom specialised in a process of photography called Wet-Collodion. She was in Byron Bay… Read More »Joni Sternbach

Bringing people together

Nick Chalmers : Byron Bay – Photo : Joni Sternbach When does a photo bring people together? There has been some magic felt here in Byron Bay lately, with a visit from Joni Sternbach, a photographer from Brooklyn in New York. Joni, through her historic… Read More »Bringing people together

Surfing with the Klaxons

James from the Klaxons, and lighting Guy Ed with CG’s Tim Manton : Byron Bay During the weekend, Common Ground was lucky enough to have a surf with James Righton, keyboard/vocalist from the Klaxons, during a visit to our stunning shores while promoting Surfing the… Read More »Surfing with the Klaxons