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This Is Northern New South Wales


The Early

It doesn’t matter how small the surf is, there is something magical about being in the water to watch the sunrise. The small crew that made the effort before 6am this morning may not have been rewarded with waves, but they certainly got a spectacular… Read More »The Early

Pure Drift Sunrise (160911)

Morning rituals. We all have them:; Get up. Grab coffee. Go to Work. Sound familiar? Most of us who are lucky enough to live along Australia’s east coast hit snooze on these stunning sunrises each morning. But as the days get longer and the mornings… Read More »Pure Drift Sunrise (160911)

September 2nd Sunrise!

Now that it’s Spring, you have to be awake before 6am to experience a moment like this! Thanks to Trent Dooley at PureDrift for being our eyes! You can also find out more about PureDrift in our Contribute section!

Pre Spring Smell

Like a moment out of the 1970’s… but this is Byron Bay : Photo – Ben Godfrey Mild northerly winds. Layers shedding. Toes are coming alive. These strange happenings can only mean one thing… SPRING! But being a weather know-it-all, I’ll assure you that the… Read More »Pre Spring Smell

That Wednesday Sunset…

The incredible sunset on Wednesday was an absolute jaw-dropper! Thanks to Trent Dooley at PureDrift for capturing these moments.

The Cold of the Sun

Afternoon Jam : Byron Bay : Photo – Puredrift It’s cloudy today, but at least you can predict the weather. A week straight of sun-shining skies, but the cold in the shadows lurks close by.  Layers abound under the cool of the trees, to be… Read More »The Cold of the Sun

The last 30mins…

Last 30mins : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings The sky is covered in a thick grey film. The air is chilly. Days like today are when your mind runs away to your own special place. With the cooler air and clearer days, those… Read More »The last 30mins…

Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Daylight Deception 1 : Byron Bay: Photo Alex Frings Alex Frings was up to his old tricks again the other night. Hanging out up at the lighthouse on the full moon. He’s captured these amazing photos as the full moon came over the cape. Using a… Read More »Time-lapsing and Sunsets

Purely Drifting…

Yesterday Afternoon : Photo – Puredrift There are so many ways to capture the essence of Byron Bay… And seeing that the surf has taken preference today, we thought we would introduce you to Trent and Laura Dooley, who run a local photography website named… Read More »Purely Drifting…